• What types of shoes are best for you?

    You must have heard that doctors say that the foot is the second heart of man. This is because the human heart has a duty to pump blood to all organs to provide the necessary oxygen to the body's cells. This blood must return to the heart after oxygenation. The calf muscles must, like a pump, help the blood return to the heart, so keeping your feet healthy is very important, and wearing inappropriate shoes can endanger your foot health. As a result, you need to read the shoe selection guide before buying shoes.

    In the past, the variety of shoes was very small. Today, if we look at the shoes of houses, we will see that each member of the family has several pairs of shoes, each of which is used for a specific job. The shoe selection guide provides you with information that in addition to recognizing the types of shoes, you can buy standard and suitable shoes for any occasion, so accompany us to the end of the article.

    Introducing different types of shoes
    To guide you well in choosing shoes; First we need to introduce the types of shoes.


    flat shoe
    There are different types of flat shoes for men and women. These shoes are very comfortable and you can use them all day long. These shoes are best for workers, such as mailmen shoes, plumbers or eletricians, as they are extra comfortable and offer protection.


    You can also set these shoes with different clothes. So do not miss the article on setting shoes with clothes!


    Heeled shoes
    According to doctors, shoes without heels and shoes with high heels are both harmful. The size of the heel should be balanced to 1.5 to a maximum of 2.5 cm, but experts in this field differ. It is interesting to know that when walking, the heel of the foot bears 75% of our body weight. When wearing shoes with high heels, it is the toes that have to bear the weight because the foot is bent forward and all the pressure is on the toes.

    Therefore, choosing high heels is wrong because it is non-standard. It is recommended not to use this type of shoe for a long time. Because the side effects of high heels are so many! However, due to the interest of women in wearing high heels, it is better to use at least shoes that do not cause the toes to contract and are a little loose. There are different types of heeled shoes that we will discuss in the following.


    Three-centimeter heels
    As the name implies, these shoes; The heel height of these shoes is a maximum of three centimeters. The choice of high heels is mostly made by people with short or medium height.


    Lodge shoes
    A lodge is a heel that is not pointed and is not just under the heel, but completely covers the bottom of the shoe, and the higher the heel, the higher its height.


    High heels
    Another name for these shoes is Pumps, which have a heel height of at least 7 cm and have a small width.


    High heels

    10 cm high heels
    There are shoes that have at least 10 cm heels and it is not everyone's job to wear them! Ladies usually use these shoes for weddings.


    Oval heel shoes
    The heel height of these shoes usually varies from 3 to 5 cm. This type of shoe is one of the oldest heeled shoes that connects the heel to the flat shoe and narrows towards the ground.
    In this section of the shoe selection guide, we have briefly mentioned the types of heels. To get acquainted with the types of women's shoes, it is recommended that you read the article "Types of women's shoes".


    sport shoes
    As the name implies, this shoe; Suitable for exercise. There are usually specific shoes for each sport; Such as: running shoes, indoor, walking, tennis, football and…


    College shoes or loafers
    College is a shoe that is flat and without a strap and has a very short heel. This shoe is suitable for most foot shapes but is not standard college due to the features of a standard shoe. Because in the shoe industry to reduce the weight of the college, materials have been used to produce shoe soles that do not have the necessary thickness and flexibility.


    leather shoes
    The leather used to make the shoes may be natural or artificial. These types of shoes have a lot of fans due to their variety and suitability for most jobs. If you can find genuine and standard leather shoes; You can use it to set formal and sporty styles.

    To learn more about these shoes, read the article on the characteristics of leather shoes.


    Oxford shoes
    These formal shoes can be used by both ladies and gentlemen. These shoes have delicate stitching and usually leather is used as the main material in their production. Choosing Oxford shoes is a good option for people who are looking to wear quality branded shoes.


    What are the features of standard shoes?

    Wearing standard shoes is one of the most essential things to keep the human body healthy. However, in choosing shoes, some people only pay attention to the beauty of its design and color, and not to its standard. This will endanger the health of the body in the long run.


    Be careful to choose shoes based on their application. The three main characteristics of a standard shoe are good material, mold, toe and standard heel. Below are some of the features of a standard shoe.


    The toe of a standard shoe is such that the toes move easily.

    The insole of the shoe should have soft arches that align with the arches of the foot.
    It is better to have a replaceable insole so that you can take it out after each wear so that the moisture dries.
    The underside of the shoe should be made of polyurethane (PU) and also have ridges to prevent the shoe from slipping.
    A wrist collar is essential for standard shoes. The wrist collar is the part that holds the ankle tightly and prevents the foot from twisting.

    Shoes should be flexible enough to bend and straighten with foot movements.


    What kind of shoes are you looking for?
    Knowing what kind of shoes you should look for depends on where you are going to use those shoes. Doing everything he wants his shoes right. In the following, we will provide a guide for choosing shoes based on their use.

    Guide to choosing party shoes ‌
    It is better for women to use shoes with short or medium heels in these situations, because people are usually very active at these parties. So try to choose a shoe that you are comfortable with. Since these parties are less formal; You can use cheerful models and colors such as red shoes to make your style more impressive.

    Gentlemen can choose shoes for parties according to their style. For example, the use of sneakers, flat shoes or a variety of ankle boots in the winter can be suitable for a sporty type.



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